We are a small family run cattery.  When I was a child my parents bred a litter of Siamese kittens, and a
few litters of Standard Poodles.  My uncle is a judge and breeder of Old English Sheep Dogs.  I have
always said that breeding is in my blood.  We work hard to give our cats the best start possible by
breeding from healthy Queens and Studs and raising them in a loving, clean home environment.  I am
blessed to have two children, who love the cats and kittens as I do, and who spend lots of hands on
time with them.  Our home is always a popular play date location, and it greatly benefits the kittens to
have attention from all age ranges.  When the kittens transition into new homes- their experiences here
help them to feel comfortable in their new environment.

I show my cats.  My doing so means I am working hard to conform to the Tonkinese breed standard  
http://www.cfainc.org/breeds/standards/tonkinese.html .  In addition, it is a valuable time to interact
with other breeders and learn from their experiences.  My cats are shown in The Cat Fanciers’
Association, Inc.  I also work to help produce cat shows.  I belong to the Seacoast Cat Club and the
Half Moon Cat Club.  For more information on shows:  http://www.cfainc.org/shows.html .  I am also a
member of the Tonkinese Breed Council, and Tonkinese Breed Assocaition, and am editor for their
newsletter the Aqua Eye.

I feel strongly that all animals should be adopted for life and I am very careful when matching families
with our babies.  We spend a great deal of time with our kittens and work hard to learn their
personalities.  This helps us to place them in the homes where they will feel most comfortable, and they
will best fit your living situation.  All kittens are spayed (females) or neutered (males) before going to
their new homes.  They are never to be declawed, or allowed to roam freely outdoors.  

Paul has always loved our cats- and loves to sleep with one in his arms.  This is Mutsu- one of my blue
point Siamese

One happy family- Flower (platinum mink) reigns over the family.  Her daughter Star (natural Mink) has
3 kittens.  Mattie (natural solid) is Flower’s granddaughter.  They all work together as a team to watch
the kittens.  We refer to this as a “Heap Sleep”- the cats and kittens favorite way to sleep!

             Paul doing Junior Showmanship at a cat show with Star