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We work hard to find the best homes for our kittens & retired cats.  We will ask questions about your life style, schedule, other family members and other pets in your
household.  Our goal is to match the best kitten with you- for the kitten’s happiness, and yours.  Our kittens/cats are indoors only, and are never to be declawed.  Kittens
will go to their new home at 3-4 months or later.  For the health and safety of my kittens & cats, I do not ship.  You are welcome to fly a kitten or cat home with you in
the cabin; however advanced arrangements must be made with the airline.

All kittens are spayed or neutered before they go to their new homes.  I work with one of the top veterinary practices in Massachusetts,  (link to http://www.cvhonline.
com/ ) because of their expertise in dealing with small animals, breeders, and their extensive experience in the early spay/neuter program.  All kittens will have had at
minimum the first 2 shots in the series of 3 for panleukopenia, rhinotracheitis, and calcivirus.  If a kitten is placed later than 3 months, I will have given it the third shot.  
Kittens are wormed twice because it is an inexpensive way to assure there is no issue.  I also check a fecal sample from the litter to verify the kittens are worm free.  All
kittens come with shot records, and a veterinary health certificate.  My kittens come with pre-paid registration papers.  I will also be sending you home with  wet and dry
food and toys to help your kitten adjust to its new home.

Current Litters - Birth Announcement!

We are proud to announce the birth of Maggie & Panzers litter on Tuesday, Janaury 16th!

Future Litters

Our next litter is due in March!  Check back for a birth announcement!

Retired Friends

Sometimes we have adult cats that are available for adoption to the right homes.  These cats are usually former show cats, or cats that we bred for a short time.  They can
range in age from one year to six, and are available for adoption to approved homes for a modest fee.  If you are interested in an adult, please e-mail or call me.  I am also
involved in Tonkinese Rescue in the New England through the Tonkinese Breed Association Click on

Born November 22, 2001
GC Opurra Mayflower of Takrai

Flower is a very special cat to me- she is the first cat I granded, and my first queen.  She is a real girl- very sweet and gentle.  Flower is a retired queen, and now spayed.  I
am currently showing her to achieve her GP (Grand Premier) title, and then she will be available for adoption.  Flower is the “Quintessential Queen”- she loves babies.  
Shortly after she was spayed she decided a 3 month old litter of kittens were hers- and assumed full care of them, as you can see in the photo above.  I would ideally like
to place her in a home along with a kitten, without other cats or dogs.  She will cuddle with you when you watch TV and loves to sleep in a warm bed with you.  Flower
is the type of cat that will considerately pick a place to sleep- close enough to you to stay warm, but not on top of you.  She is a real sweetheart.