Little Sasha is doing great!!  I forgot how lively kittens were,
she's such a nut sometimes.  Everyone is so crazy about her
especially Poppy the black kitty, they're always hanging out
together.  As you can see in the pictures she spends alot of time
out in my salon since there's always someone coming in, the
minute a customer sits in my chair she's up on their lap.  She
sleeps with us all night long which of course i love.  I can't tell
you how happy we are to have her, she's brought so much life to
our home.  Thanks again Lynn for everything. “

The Colavecchios, Massachusetts
"Both kittens are doing great.  My parent's named
their kitten Sadie, and she is beautiful, affectionate,
and talkative! My kitten is named Jesse, and he is
also beautiful, of course.  He is just so cuddly and
sweet!  My older cats have grown to really like him.
On Sundays, I bring Jesse to my parent's house for
dinner.  Jesse and Sadie absolutely love playing

H Mazzeo LeBlanc & R + S Mazzeo, MA
Thought you'd like to see a couple 'a pictures of Willow . I'll send some
better pics as soon as I can get them-he move so fast! He's a great cat-
just like Dusty, but more. He's a great bed cat, couch potato, fetching
cat, door greeter-all around wonderful cat. He and Boaty (our older
Siamese) are getting along much better now (if he'd only leave Boaty's
tail alone)-I think this winter they'll probably sleep together. They are
both adjusting to each other well.”

The Andersens, Maine
Just wanted to let you know things are going just fine with our new
little boys.  They are full of energy!  No problems adjusting to their
new home.  When I came home from work yesterday they were in
the upstairs bedroom, on the bed with one of their toys beside
them.  They are so funny and sweet and our family and friends
adore them. “Thanks for breeding the best cats in the world -- and
everyone who meets them thinks so. “

The Boehnkes, Massachusetts
It has been just about a year now, since we adopted your
"Blue Bell" whom we named Sooty.  She is the most playful,
loving, adaptable kitty we could have ever adopted.  She loved
Florida but is faring well back on Nantucket this
spring/summer.  We love her and we think that your breeding
must be the very, very best.  Thank you for ushering Sooty into
our lives.  We feel like a family with her in our lives.

With great appreciation,
The Murray s
Massachusetts & Florida
My parents and I take turns sharing shoulders with
Winston.  They're so lucky to be retired and home
all day with him!  We just love him and are
thoroughly enjoying his antics.  Our other cats want
to thank you, too, for letting Winston join our family."
We were so pleased with our Tonk, we became
repeat customers!"

The Lynchs, Massachusetts