What is an interactive feeder?

Many cats can eat their dry food too fast and can end up throwing up. An interactive feeder makes the cat work to get its dry food, and hence slows down the rate at which it eats. There are many different interactive feeders. The Northmate Interactive Feeder is one we have used with our cats:

Northmate Interactive Cat Feeder

What kind of beds do cats like?

Tonkinese cats love to be warm and cuddly. They actually would rather be in a smaller tighter bed than in a big open bed when the weather is cold. Tonks especially love what we refer to as a donut bed, with a stuffed roll around the side, and a bottom. Some of our favorites come from Beds by Shelly.

Beds by Shelly

What kinds of bowls should be used for cat food and water?

I prefer to use ceramic bowls for dry food and water.  My second choice is a stainless steel bowl.  Ceramic is my favorite for a few reasons.  First, ceramic is easily cleaned in the dishwasher.  It is heavy, so it is less likely to be knocked over by the cat(s).  In addition, because it is heavy I am less likely to kick it and spill the food if it is on the floor.  I always avoid plastic bowls.  Plastic bowls can hold fats and oils, and may result in the cat getting something called chin acne.  This can be resolved with a special shampoo and medication available from your vet, but it is much easier to not use a plastic bowl! 

You can find a ceramic bowls at any pet food store, or online pet food supplier.

Ceramic bowls work best for cat food and water.

When should I move my kitten from kitten food to adult food?

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Photo Courtesy of Royal Canin